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Welcome to the Evergreen Basketball Family


Note from your Director

Let's go Evergreen Eagles!!! Welcome new and returning players! My name is Jonathan Vega and I am your basketball director. I believe hard work, dedication and effective communication will make this a great season. It definitely takes a village, so I will be looking for people to assist through out this season. The more parent help we have, the better our season will be.

Notable Changes:

1. Gym Monitors - Parents can earn up to $15 per hour while your child practices. This protects our association while giving you an opportunity to earn money from the county to offset your registration fees.

2. Registration fees cover the following:

  • Customized jersey and shorts
  • 2 practices per week
  • 8 regular season games
  • End of season tournament (except for Rookies)
  • Rookies attend 4 instructional clinics
  • End of season ceremony and trophies

***Early bird, multi-child, and coaching discounts offered

3. Coaches - We need your help! Coaches are needed for all age levels. A $25 reimbursement will be offered once teams are assigned and you complete Chesterfield County's background check process. Please reach out to me if you are interested - 804-441-4939 or EAABoysBasketball@PlayEvergreen.com.


Director Expectations: 

Expectations for players: 

1.     Attendance: show up on time to practice and games

2.     Effort: to give your coach, family, fans the same commitment that they are giving you

3.     Attitude: good sportsmanship, no taunting or trash talk


Expectations of parents and spectators:

1.     When at practice and games parents are to let coaches coach. You can watch and cheer respectively for the team from the sidelines. Your player may find it difficult to perform because they are trying to listen to you as well as the coaches. Please let the coaches be the coach. 

2.     Do not speak negatively about coaches or other players in front of your child or other players at any time. 

3.     Only players and parents are allowed at practice. 

4.     Be positive and supportive with your child! You are a big part of helping them have fun and enjoy the experience! 


Expectations of coaches:

1.     Make sure each player feels like an important part of the team. 

2.     Establish reasonable goals for team improvement and growth. 

3.     Set a good example for sportsmanship; includes being respectful of officials and leading by example for your players. 

4.     Be Organized – have practice plans, delegate responsibilities to Asst. Coaches/Parents appropriately. 

5.     Focus on Fundamentals – develop a strong foundation in the fundamentals of basketball skills.

6.     Be Everyone’s Coach; focus on motivating & teaching through positive reinforcement. All youth players deserve your coaching at practice and in games. If you coach you own child, treat them as an equal to the entire team. 

7.     Make sure that each player has fun and continues to love the game; encouraging kids to stay in the program 

General Basketball Information:


Eligibility:  You must reside in the Evergreen Elementary school boundary and your child must be 6 years old by December 31, 2022 and has not reached the age 19 by March 2, 2023. If any questions please reach out to me.

Division Eligibility:Age brackets are as follows (ALL PLAYERS SHOOT ON A 10 FOOT GOAL)

  1. Rookie – 6 to 8 years. 
  2. Cub - 9 Years and under (Recommended for experienced 8 year olds; 6 and 7 year olds are not eligible for this age group). 
  3. Bear – 10 Years and under. 
  4. Minor - 11 Years and under. 
  5. Nets – 12 Years and under 
  6. Intermediate - 13 Years and under. 
  7. Junior - 15 Years and under. 
  8. Senior - 18 Years and under. 

Instructional League:  Also known as the Rookie league, the purpose of this age group is instruction and training. It is intended to provide a transition to the next level in basketball. This age group is generally 6-8 year olds. Nine year old players may participate if this is their first year in organized basketball and with the permission of the League Commissioner. There is no tournment for this league. However, four instructional clinics are provided.  

Team Selections:Teams will be selected by the Director prior to December practices beginning. Each age group will have 5 opportunities to have gym time during Open Gym. The coaches will be able to assess the talent of the players and determine competitive levels. So please try to attend. 

Coaches:   Head Coaches are selected by the Director and assistant coaches are selected by the Head coaches. Each team is allowed one head coach and two assistants. We are always looking for volunteers and if you are interested in coaching please reach out to the Director. 

Practices and Games: Practices will start in December (date TBD) and games will start mid-January 2023, more information to come on that.

Free Agent Policy: Children who live within the Evergreen Elementary school attendance boundaries will only be released to play for another association if we are unable to place them on a team. Please contact the Director if you have any questions. 


If you have questions about Evergreen Basketball please contact our basketball director, Jonathan Vega, at EAABoysBasketball@PlayEvergreen.com.