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What makes EAA Football /CQL special Then other leagues?

The short answer is we get to represent our school, play on teams with our classmates and we are more of a Football Family. The Chesterfield Quaterback League (CQL) is composed of member associations like EAA. Each association represents a school district, ours being the Evergreen Elementary school district. Each association forms teams composed of players that go to school together or live in the same school district. CQL is the best option for getting kids from the same school and local community to play together on the same team. All other recreational football leagues require coaches to recruit the most skilled players for their team from all over the tri-city area instead of accepting all players. EAA and CQL accept all kids and help develop them to young men and women, teach them the basic and advanced football skills to help them excel in a sport they love. We apply team work, responsibility, accountability, and sportsmanship so they can use in the furture to life situations.

EAA is the place to be and we can accept players from ALL schools with NO ASSOCIATION OR FOOTBALL PROGRAM, including Evergreen, Betty Weaver, Woolridge, Bon Air, Greenfield, Crestwood, Tomahawk and Swift Creek Middle (depending on your elementary district)!

More information is available on the CQL website at www.cqlfootball.com, or feel free to reach out to Erin Parsley at erin.parsley@playevergreen.com for any questions.